Always A Warrior Endowment Fund

The "Always a Warrior" Endowment Fund was established in 2014 with a generous gift from the Lutheran Legacy Foundation. The goal of the Endowment Fund is to provide a long-term income stream to be used for special purchases, projects, and initiatives that enhance the athletic experience at Wisconsin Lutheran College. In addition to their initial investment, LLF will match 20% of all gifts to the fund.

How is money from the Endowment Fund used?
Earnings from the Endowment Fund will provide ongoing financial support for athletic programs, teams, equipment, and facility needs. These monies will impact the WLC athletic experience above and beyond operational budgets and will be allocated at the discretion of the Director of Athletics.

How may I contribute to the "Always a Warrior" Endowment Fund?
1. Gifts may be made directly to the Endowment Fund at any time and for any amount.
2. 10% of every Warrior Club membership fee is automatically invested in the Endowment Fund. As a Warrior Club member you may direct your investment to a specific sport AND still support the Endowment Fund.
3. The Lutheran Legacy Foundation will match 20% of gifts made directly to the Endowment Fund as well as gifts resulting from your Warrior Club membership fees. The impact of your gift is made even more significant with the generous support of the LLF.

How do I benefit from giving to the Endowment Fund?
Your gifts to the Endowment Fund provide an opportunity to ensure that your values and your legacy become a permanent part of Wisconsin Lutheran College athletics. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your support of the Endowment Fund will make a positive impact on the lives of WLC athletes and the WLC athletic experience for generations to come.

How is the WLC "Always a Warrior" Endowment Fund managed?
The Endowment Fund is managed and invested by our partners at the Lutheran Legacy Foundation. The LLF has a proven record of success employing conservative investment and fund management strategies. WLC receives annual distributions from the Endowment Fund totaling approximately 5% of the fund balance. These funds will continue to provide supplemental operational support to the athletic program on an annual basis and will impact the program for decades to come.

How can I learn more?
To learn more about the "Always a Warrior" Endowment Fund please contact:

Bill Curtis
Director of Athletic Development

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