Warrior Club Members

Ryan and Denise Barbieri
Aaron and Jennifer Biebert
Adrian and Amy Davis
Gary and Michele Drska
James and Tammie Fischer
James and Theresa Flegel
Jan Fleming
Kelly and Jill Foster
Richard and Mary Gerke
Clary and Patricia Hartwig
Paul and Valerie Holzhueter
Daniel and Jana Johnson
Timothy and Patricia Johnson
David and Kari Kellen
Renee Kietzmann
Dr. Kellye J. Knueppel
Klint and Amy Knueppel
Paul and Barbara Knueppel
Diana Kosloske
Matt and Anne Krug
James and Rachel Kuehl
Dan and Lisa Leffel
Scott and Susanne Mayer
John and Kris Metzger
Dennis and Kathy Miller
Joseph and Katherine Neuberger
Mark and Sue Neumann
Neal and Karen Ninmann
Edward and Amy Noon
Thomas and Lisa Plath
Daryl and Nancy Raabe
Kent and Christine Raabe
Alan and Odetta Ross
Jeff and Lana Stanich
Christopher and Heather Stelzer
Ray and Denise Terrell
Steven and Lu Ann Timm
Steven and Gwen Travis
Keith and Pam Tullberg
Brian Volkman
Anonymous (2)

Spencer and Kelly Brown
Camille Grollo
Keith and Laurie Christian
David and Sharon Robison
John Westra

Bill and Jeanette Akright
Paul and Barbara Dakuras
Curt and Judy Engelbrecht
Dave and Melissa Fularczyk
Carl and Pat Hellenberg
Paul and Pam Henne
Ronald and Patricia Hepner
Samuel Hu
Bernie Kennedy
Ronald and Deborah Koth
Ken and Tracy Larsen
Lynne Mahsem
Ed and Shirley Michael
Ron Mundstock
Michael and Margaret Offenbacher
Luther Schriefer
John and Mary Schroeder
Nathan and Jean Strobel
Mel and Brenda Vercauteren
Felisa Zupinski

Randy and Kerry Ahrens
Jeff Alexander
Pete and Sally Alexander
Jay and Jamie Anderson
Paul Archer
Laura Ardellini
Michael and Tana Bailes
John and Jill Barney
Kenneth Batterton
Bob and Nanette Belongia
Aivars Bergmanis
Tom and Jackie Bjork
Jackie Boecker
Ron and Beth Brockman
Chris and Debbie Charvat
Chase Home Improvement - Charles Wellnitz
Lori and Gabby Collien
Brian and Juli Croteau
Gary and Judy Dunn
Daniel and Judith Edlhuber
Erwin and Eunice Eickhoff
Todd Feltner
John and Nancy Filippo
Doug and Robin Frank
Kevin and Ann Grebner
Jim and Norma Grollo
Jeff and Mary Gronholz
Mel and Sharon Grulke
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hackbarth
James and Fay Hardekopf
Harold and Jacki Hart
Gary and Barb Heinzen
Kevin and Peggy Heuer
John and Kristine Hobson
Horton Real Estate Inc
Richard and Sally Hudgins
John and Eleanor Jahnke
Brandon and Tara Johnson
Loren and Peggy Johnson
Linda Kindberg
Chris and Denise Klemens
Kon and Chari Knueppel
Judith Kohls
Steve Kohls
Stephen Kovalev
Curt and Grace Lehman
John and Pamela Lindner
Brenda Lund
Tom Mahsem
Dale and Sumie Martin
Mark and Michele Meier
Bob and Judy Moczynski
Chuck and Kaylene Moffenbier
Ann Morgan
Brent and Christa Murphy
George S. Murphy
Jerry and Pat Murphy
Eric and Susan Nice
Daniel and Karen Nickel
Paula R. Nolte
Nick Obot
Gerard and Carol Offenbacher
Anne Palazzolo
Jeff and Karen Panek
Dominic and Tina Pesoli
Vito and Theresa Pesoli
Donald and Janice Quistorff
Stephanie Rauch
RBI Baseball and Softball Academy
Fran Ritacco
Frank and Elaine Ritacco
Hugh and Jana Roberts
Dave and Karli Ross
Chris and Lynn Sarandos
Jim and Joan Schneider
Darwin and Bonnie Schramm
Kim Schriefer
Scott Schuster
Raymond and Toni Schwall
Aaron and Ann Sebald
Scott and Susan Severson
Wayne and Julie Shevey
Sheldon and Nancy Shultz
Joann Smagalski
Marsha Smith
Mark and Laurie Smrz
Roger Strehlow
Richard and Miriam Stuck
Jim and Sue Stumpner
Carol Taylor
Greg and Judi Tomkiewicz
Robert and Gretchen Trumble
Todd Veenstra
Richard Walters
Mark and Chris Westendorf
Paul and Jessica Winkelmann
Darren and Carol Zastrow
Delores Zdroik
Larry and Victoria Zdroik
Robert and Jennifer Zimmerman
Anonymous (13)

Joan Abel
Jason and Merrie Jo Allen
Steve and Janice Amelunk
Eileen Athy
Ron and Karen Baerbock
Larry and Beth Banner
Susan Beaty
Sharon Bringman
Lynn Christmann
Steve and Tracy Clementi
Tony Clementi
Thomas and Judy Comfort
Robert and Julie Cootware
William and Loretta Davis
Dave and Donna Dorman
Roger Dusso
Eric and Kathleen Eickhoff
June Ericson
Gary and Georgeanne Fularczyk
Margaret Fularczyk
Art and Diane Gaskin
Beatrice Giergielewicz
Mike Guenther and Connie Weber
Dean and Mary Hein
Adam Heinzen
Corey and Beth Held
Robert and Marilyn Hoefs
Andy Huebner
Douglas and Mary Johnson
Donald Kolanowski
Herb and Bonnie Koth
Rita Kovalev
Christine Laska
Troy Ludtke
Ruth Luedtke
Mark and Cindy Mansueto
Mike and Wendy Matel
Mark and Tina Moczynski
Chris Mollenhauer
Shirley Mundstock
Judi Offenbacher
Dean and Mary Ann Olson
Sherry Paulson
Darrel and Elaine Pederson
Patrick Pederson
Amanda Pelischek
Rosemary Pesoli
Joel and Linda Pless
Mary Prange
Richard and Karen Puder
Daniel and Karen Pufahl
Clare Rebuck
Susan Richmond
Mark and Nicole Ross
Bernie and Carol Sammer
Dominic and Vicky Saviano
Todd and Shelly Schellpfeffer
Doris Schoenike
Jerry and Kay Schultz
David and Lynn Schwall
James and Rebecca Shaw
John and Elena Shaw
Troy and Brandi Shaw
Anthony and Rachel Simiele
Shelly Starz
Bob and Renee Trojan
Leo Udee
Don and Betty Van Gheem
John and Christine Varallo
Chad and Bari Vredeveld
Randall Wenstadt
David and Gwen Wilson
Mike Wilson
Dave and Lynn Wisser
Richard Zimmerman
Rich and Sue Zoladkiewicz
Anonymous (14)