Athletics Philosophy Statement

Wisconsin Lutheran College is committed to a philosophy of institutional control of athletics, the unquestioned academic and financial integrity of our athletic program, and to the values and goals befitting higher education. In support of this commitment, the Board of Regents, administration, faculty and staff have agreed to the following general principles as a guide to the college's participation in intercollegiate athletics:

1. The mission of this institution determines the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletics program.

2. The responsibility for the administration of the athletics department, including policies, personnel, and finances are vested in the President.

3. The welfare, health, and safety of student-athletes are primary concerns of athletics administration on campus.

4. Every student athlete-male and female, majority and minority-will receive equal and fair treatment.

5. All coaches and administrators shall exhibit fairness, openness and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes; all coaches, administrators and student athletes shall adhere to the principles of amateur athletics competition as defined by NCAA legislation.

6. The Athletic department supports and promotes the NCAA principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct.

7. The athletic department is committed to providing a Christian environment for both participants and spectators.  It is through our athletic activities that we strive to provide spiritual growth and Christian leadership opportunities to those involved in the programming.

8. The admission of student-athletes will be done by the admissions department.  Student-athletes who are admitted must have demonstrated reasonable promise of being successful in a course of study leading to an academic degree.

9. Athletics in an NCAA Division III liberal arts setting serves as a portion of the educational process for the participants.  The athletic department will embrace the opportunity to serve as many athletes as possible in as many programs as possible based on the free choice of the individual student-athletes, including multi-sport student athletes.

10. Continuing eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics will be based on student athletes being able to demonstrate that they will graduate within five years of enrolling.

11. Student-athletes will graduate in the same proportion as non-athletes who have spent comparable time as full-time students.

12. All funds raised and spent in connection with the intercollegiate athletic program will be channeled through the college's business office.  The athletic department budget will be developed and monitored in accordance with general budgeting procedures.

13. All athletic related income from non-college sources for coaches and athletic administrators will be reviewed by the college.

14. Annual academic and fiscal audits of the athletic programs will be conducted.

Adopted from "Statement of Principles." Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics.