Mission Statement

What is Wisconsin Lutheran College Athletics All About?
At Wisconsin Lutheran College athletics complement education. They are not meant to act as a replacement for it.

Wisconsin Lutheran strives to develop its athletes both individually and as players with a team commitment through goal-setting and hard work. Coaches work with players to find individual athlete's strengths and weaknesses and then develop a plan for improvement by setting team goals and exploring ways to achieve them. Team commitment is essential in keeping and developing each program's desired success. Wisconsin Lutheran coaches and student athletes are dedicated to encouraging and supporting one another while working to achieve their goals. Coaches in every sport strive to help each athlete reach his/her maximum potential.

Wisconsin Lutheran is for everyone, from the first-time performer to the All-American athlete. It's about extending yourself athletically and personally discovering hidden talents you never knew you had and meeting people you will never forget. Wisconsin Lutheran recognizes that God has blessed many of its students athletically, and therefore, encourages them to participate in the sports they enjoy and to take full advantage of the Wisconsin Lutheran athletic experience.

Too often in athletics today, the success of a team or program is determined by victories, statistics and rankings. These criteria do indicate achievement, but fail to reflect the finer qualities of Wisconsin Lutheran athletics. Wisconsin Lutheran programs are built around the ideals of hard work, desire to learn and a commitment between teammates and coaches. When these components are integrated, the result is a shared experience that is unlike any other. The success of Wisconsin Lutheran athletics does not reside in team wins or individual honors, although they definitely exist. Rather, it is demonstrated by the caliber of friendships, quality of experiences and the people it produces.

Wisconsin Lutheran has found a way to balance the individual with the team, academic with athletic achievement, traditions with progressive training methods, hard work with fun, and less pressure with better performance