Outdoor Athletic Center

As the college grows and adds athletic opportunities for students, the facilities need to keep pace. Space was allocated at the Krauss-Miller-Lutz Outdoor Athletic Complex for an athletic center. Phase I of the Outdoor Athletic Center was completed in August 2011. This phase included  the construction of locker rooms, restrooms, training, laundry, and equipment rooms, a coaches’ room, and concession stand. The facility is used by student-athletes who compete in football, track and field, baseball, softball, and soccer.

Phase II will include an addition to this structure, which will contain additional restrooms, locker rooms, and storage. On the west side of the Outdoor Athletic Center, seating for 2,500 will be built, including 300 seats with chair backs. The structure also will contain two presidential viewing suites, a press box, and two outdoor event decks. Phase II also will include dugouts, lights, scoreboards, and seating at the softball and baseball fields. Phase II will be constructed in the future as funding is available.